Second Edition (Revised Text) of “Hidden in Plain Sight” by Peter Rush

Rush Cover Second Edition

A brilliant & cogent exploration of THE MONUMENT by Hank Whittemore

“Hidden in Plain Sight” is available here at…

“The Monument” is available here at…

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  1. I wonder what this book is about. Does it explain The Monument from a different point of view?

    • Hi Sandy. Yes, it supports The Monument by using logic steps to arrive at the same conclusions, with some even more precise and deeper insights into lines and words, here and there. And a very valuable aspect of Peter Rush’s book is his use of four top Sonnets editors by mainstream scholars, showing their failure to make sense of the sonnets and how they contradict themselves and fly off in fantasy. To me this is certainly one of the ultimate crossroads for Stratfordian scholars.

      • Thank you Hank, I understand it. I hope once I’ll meet you both.

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