Literary Mysteries – Who was Shakespeare?


Literary Mysteries – Who was Shakespeare?


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    I listened to the audio of their discussion.  I want to encourage them to now actually delve into this subject in much greater depth.  They have enough (limited) knowledge to whet their appetite. They will definitely enjoy the road ahead!  Much of their discussion was a bit confused, with respect to the life of de Vere.

    • Hi Paul – I agree with you on all points, and thank you for encouraging further delving. Given the vitriolic rants against this issue, with its own misinformation, to me it’s important to encourage and applaud anyone who’s curious and has an open mind. This week I happened to read a series of mocking comments on another site, and these remarks were filled with assumptions which, long ago, we have shown to be false. (One, of course, is that Oxford died before X number of plays were written. And yet the evidence of much earlier authorship of so many plays is overwhelming, etc.) Again, thanks for the comment.

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