“A Sonnet for the Sonnet-Maker, E.O.” – by Theresa Rodriguez

Here’s another beautiful tribute to Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford (“E.O.”), the true author of the Shakespeare works, from Jesus and Eros: Sonnets, Poems and Songs by Theresa Rodriguez:

A Sonnet for the Sonnet-Maker, E.O.

You know the beats and rhythms, the iamb
Which pulses like a crippled-legged walk;
You, with the force of one who said, “I am
That I am,” in iambs you will talk
Of truth and beauty, pain and sorrow, all
And nothing, touching Heaven and Hell
In what you speak and say, what will recall
The void in the beginning, and will tell
Of voided end, where “Never” ever cries,
And crowns pass to the undeserving fools
And great men metamorphose into lies,
And there we search and find the hidden jewels.

And there a crown you bear the better part,
In five-beat lines you tell us of your heart.

Theresa Rodriguez


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A Beautiful Tribute to Edward de Vere

The Earl of Oxenford’s Sonnet
By Theresa Rodriguez
“Jesus and Eros – Sonnets, Poems and Songs”

Jesus and Eros

Shakespeare! For so long I knew the image,
But not your person; for you have been kept
Obscured and obfuscated through the visage
Of ancient lies. Oh, how my whole heart leapt
When I through others’ toils found your name!
It is de Vere, and Oxford, Edward; Earl
Of erudition, finest wit, the same
As the Spear-Shaker; our worded pearl,
But not the Poet-Ape. Your glory had
Too long been laid upon the upstart crow,
This man of nothing – fronting, homely, sad
Excuse for all you are and all you know.
For truth is truth, and you do shake a spear;
The Bard, the Age’s Soul, divine de Vere!

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