For Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford: A Sonnet in the Shakespearean Form

Edward de Vere


Professor Emeritus

Nasson College

Never was such injustice done a name,

Nor such a dubious cloud obscured a star,

Or such a mockery done deserved fame,

The world long blind to who you really are.

Arise, Great Oxford, let the world see

Who immortal Shakespeare really was,

Though lingered long to be or not to be.

Now time at last has recognized your cause.

Many long have doubted Stratford’s claim,

A man so far unfitted to the part,

So much unlived experience to explain

For such a man to reach the peak of art.

No man was ever born to shake a spear

More to the manner born than was De Vere.

(Dr. Herberger sent this sonnet without any thought of having it published on the blog – until I asked his permission, which he granted.)

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