The Monument of “Shakespeare” in Stratford-upon-Avon

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A sketch of the monument in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, was made in 1634.  I am no expert, but a reader of this blog site has inquired, so I attach here an article by Ricbard Whalen at the site of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship. (Just click on this short paragraph.) 

Here, in the sketch of 1634 above, it is plainly a sack of grain or “woolsack.” I believe it was later altered to include him holding a quill pen in one hand, a piece of paper in the other; but why would he write on a pillow in the first place? Directly below is the engraving published first in 1656:

And below – ah! – the bust as it appears today:


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  1. And as Richard Whalen discusses in the article you have attached, the monument may well have been or John Shakespere holding a sack of wool — not even Will holding the sack.

    • Yes — indeed — and I wish we knew how to prove it. But the whole history of that monument is crazy, eh? Thanks for commenting. (I have been traveling and just back here.)

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