New Edition of “An Index to Oxfordian Publications” – More than 9,000 Entries

An Index to Oxfordian Publications – 4th Edition 2017 – Editor, James Warren

James Warren has done an amazing job as sole author and editor of the 4th Edition of An Index to Oxfordian Publications. The 2017 edition is nearly twice the size of the 2015 version, — not to mention its new sections that expand its already extensive coverage of all Oxfordian publications over the past 95 years.

James Warren

By way of example of its coverage, the new INDEX includes more than 2600 articles from nearly 500 non-Oxfordian publications that have reviewed or commented on the Oxfordian theory since its beginning in 1920.  Another example is that the work has been expanded to include an extensive bibliography of every Oxfordian book published to date, along with selected non-Oxfordian books on the Shakespeare authorship question in general. There are separate sections on the books themselves — and much more.

When the Great Paradigm Shift takes place, with Stratford-upon-Avon replaced by Castle Hedingham, childhood home of Edward de Vere the seventeenth Earl of Oxford as author of the Shakespeare works, you can bet that libraries in every town, city, school and college will need copies of this invaluable index!


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