Now Available on Amazon Books: “100 Reasons Shake-speare was the Earl of Oxford” by Hank Whittemore

“We now have an indisputable claimant for the answer to the question: What is the first book to read about the Shakespeare authorship question? Answer: Hank Whittemore’s 100 Reasons Shake-speare was the Earl of Oxford.– Linda Theil, editor of the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group Weblog 

Amazon Page for “100 Reasons Shakespeare was the Earl of Oxford”


“Written with wit, humor, erudition and the instincts of a real working actor … Bristles with humanity … A truly original approach … Well worth the attention of academics and non-academics alike.” Don Rubin, editor of The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre and former chair of the Department of Theatre at York University, Toronto.

“An exceptionally lucid and thorough exploration of the arguments supporting the controversial theory that the true Shakespeare was the Earl of Oxford. Masterfully organized.” – Roger Stritmatter, associate Professor of Humanities at Coppin State University.

“If Stratfordians could assemble even a handful of arguments this powerful and this persuasive, they’d say, ‘Game over. We’ve proved our case.’” – Mark Anderson, author of “Shakespeare” by Another Name.

“Unlocks the door to a rich garden of truth about William Shakespeare from whence no serious lover of his poems and plays will ever wish to return.” – Alexander Waugh, author, scholar, Chairman of the De Vere Society, President of the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition.

“Whittemore has compiled the reasons why Oxford wrote the Shakespeare canon in the most comprehensive and articulate way possible.  I’ve learned things I didn’t know even after decades of research in the Shakespeare Authorship Question, and it clarified some things I thought I knew.”  — Bonner Cutting, author of “Shakespeare’s Will: Missing the Mind of Shakespeare”

“Read this book before you decide who wrote Shakespeare … We’ve all been sold a defective Avon product, folks. It’s time to return it for a full refund!” – Richard M. Waugaman, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown University School of Medicine.

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