I strongly recommend this essay by Paul Dunbar, first posted on his Word Press blog on February 16, 2016:

The first emergence of Classical-Pagan occultism in England is seen in the reign of Elizabeth I (1533-1603), who ruled as the Virgin Queen from 1558 until her death. At least, this is where the phe…


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  1. Very interesting, thank you Hank. You surely know from my discoveries, to how great extent the Earl was involved in Kabbalah, the Jewish mysticizm. The threads meet in the end.

  2. Looks an awful lot like the work of Stephanie Hughes. (politicworm)

    • Yes he has cited her work. But I am not sure to what degree he uses it. In any case the story of the 1590s needs to be fully investigated and reported. Certainly Stephanie is att he forefront. Thanks.

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