Dedications to Edward, Earl of Oxford — Between 1564 and 1603

Publications dedicated to Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford:

1/   1564: Arthur Golding, Histories of Trogus Pompeius (translation)

2/   1569: Thomas Underdowne, An AEthiopian History Written in Greek by Helidorus     (translation)

3/     1570: Edmund Elviden, Pesistratus and Catanea (poetry)

4/     1571: Arthur Golding, Psalms of David (translation)

5/     1573: Thomas Bedingfield, Cardanuss Comforte (translation)

6/     1573: Thomas Twyne, Breviary of Britain . . . Containing a Learned Discourse of the Variable State and Alteration thereof, under Divers as well as Natural, as Foreign Princes and Conquerors, together with the Geographical Description of the same . . . (translation)

7/     1574: George Baker, M.D., Oleum Magistrale – the Composition or Making of the Most Excellent and Precious Oil called Oleum Magistrale (medical; translation)

8/     1577: John Brooke, The Staff of Christian Faith, profitable to all Christians … Gathered out of the Works of the Ancient Doctors of the Church . . . (translation)

9     1579: Anthony Munday, The Mirror of Mutability

10/     1579: Geoffrey Gates, The Defense of the Military Profession

11/     1580: Anthony Munday, Zelauto, the Fountain of Fame        

12/   1580: John Lyly, Euphues and His England (novel)

13/     1580: John Hester, A Short Discourse upon Surgery [by] Master Leonardo Phioravanti Bolognese, translated out of Italian into English

14/     1581: Thomas Stocker, Diverse Sermons of Calvin (translation)

15/     1582: Thomas Watson, Hekatompathia, or The Passionate Century of Love (100 sonnets)

16/     1584: John Southern, Pandora

17/   1584: Robert Greene, Greene’s Card of Fancy, wherein the Folly of those carpet Knights is deciphered

18/     1586: Angel Day, The English Secretary, wherein is contained a Perfect Method for the inditing of all manner of Epistles and familiar letters…

19/ 1588: Anthony Munday, Palmerin d’Olivia Pt. 1 – The Mirror of Nobility (translation)

20/ 1588: Anthony Munday, Palmerin d’Olivia Pt. 2 (translation)

21/   1590: Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queen

22/   1591: John Farmer, Plainsong Diverse & Sundry

23/   1592: Thomas Nashe, Strange News

24/   1597: Henry Lok, The Book of Ecclesiastes

25/   1599: John Farmer, The First Set of English Madrigals

26/   1599: Angel Day, The English Secretary (revised edition)

27/   1599: George Baker, New and Old Physic

28/   1603: Francis Davison, Anagrammata


 1619: Anthony Munday, Primaleon of Greece (translation)—dedicated to Henry de Vere, the 18th Earl, who was Edward’s son by Elizabeth Trentham, with warm praise for the father.


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