Hank’s Idea of the Month: the “General Student Recall”!!!


When the Academy finally realizes that its illustrious professors have been wrong about the identity of Shakespeare, all the institutions of learning that fed their students such incorrect information should repay them and/or their descendants for some of their ill-spent tuition money.  I suggest that, when the time comes, there should be a General Student Recall (GSR) the way General Motors recalls its cars so their errors can be corrected.  In this General Recall, students will be given free transportation, room and board to return to their campuses for Correction Classes.  After a week or so of this study of true history, with seminars on the Earl of Oxford and so forth, they will be sent back to their homes in good condition.

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  1. They may dodge responsibility.

    • Is that dodge or Dodge?

    • They can’t a’ford to admit they’re wrong. They’ll deny it from here to infiniti.

      • Pity too because Shakespeare could slap leather in his Cheverill-et.

      • Really…!

      • “Really…!”

        “A sentence is but a cheveril glove to a good wit: how quickly the wrong side may be turned outward!” ––Tw. Nt III.1.13. + poetic license= Cheverillet.

      • It’s a shame, but you’re undoubtedly right.

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