A Beautiful Tribute to Edward de Vere

The Earl of Oxenford’s Sonnet
By Theresa Rodriguez
“Jesus and Eros – Sonnets, Poems and Songs”

Jesus and Eros

Shakespeare! For so long I knew the image,
But not your person; for you have been kept
Obscured and obfuscated through the visage
Of ancient lies. Oh, how my whole heart leapt
When I through others’ toils found your name!
It is de Vere, and Oxford, Edward; Earl
Of erudition, finest wit, the same
As the Spear-Shaker; our worded pearl,
But not the Poet-Ape. Your glory had
Too long been laid upon the upstart crow,
This man of nothing – fronting, homely, sad
Excuse for all you are and all you know.
For truth is truth, and you do shake a spear;
The Bard, the Age’s Soul, divine de Vere!

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