“Shake-Speare’s Treason” — Full Performance Now on YouTube and Soon Available on DVD

A full viewing of SHAKE-SPEARE’S TREASON — written by Hank Whittemore & director Ted Story, and based on Hank’s book on Shakespeare’s sonnets THE MONUMENT — is now available on YouTube. The live performance was videotaped in July 2014 at Hudson House restaurant in Nyack, New York. A DVD version will soon be available at Amazon and elsewhere.

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  1. Who wrote Shakespeare? http://www.shakespeareauthorship.co.uk
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    The truth had remained hidden for 400 years. A truth so well concealed from ordinary eyes it would take someone quite extraordinary to see it.

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  2. Dear Andrew, it’s an exaggeration. I don’t find it convincing at all. You count lines and pass the number arbitrarily. With this logic you could arrange them in a different order.
    Finding numbers according to a certain logic is no problem, as you’ll see, but the method should follow some logical pattern.

    • Dear Sandy, it’s anything but arbitrary. the lines/numbers follow a logical sequence from left to right.

      Why do you think the image has two right eyes? The answer is concealed phonetically. To right eyes = to write i’s, when you write i’s (III) you are writing roman numerals. The markings on the collar represent roman numerals, a perfect example of this is shown beneath the chin on the Martin Droeshout engraving. I suggest you look again before writing spurious comments.

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