Hillary Rodham Clinton on Shakespeare — “I’m Curious to See Who Would Show Up”

New York Times: “You’re hosting a literary dinner party. Which three writers are invited?”

Hillary Clinton: “I’d choose to have one guest for a long dinner: William Shakespeare. I’m curious to see who would show up and what he really wrote.”

That was the former secretary of state’s answer to the “By the Book” editors at the New York Times today, 11 June 2014, while promoting her new book Hard Choices.

Full interview online is here:


(Thanks to Lee Durkee for calling our attention to this on Facebook.)

I call this progress!

Can you imagine Edward de Vere showing up for dinner? And conversing with Hillary and Bill?

I know some delicate questions they might ask him…

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  1. I hope one of us will meet this kind Lady, to convey a message 🙂

  2. Ha! I prefer to think de Vere would have a few delicate questions for them, no?

  3. Bill Clinton wrote an introduction to James Shapiro’s latest book, “Shakespeare in America.” This would put him at odds with his wife, if she is indeed a true skeptic. Maybe this was an unguarded moment, as when she discussed being “dead broke.” Let’s keep the corks on the champagne for the time being. Hillary Clinton is a cautious and calculating politician. She may yet issue a clarification on her authorship views.

  4. What she said doesn’t necessarily indicate that she is a true sceptic. Rather, she is an agnostic. In this group belongs I think say Jeremy Irons.

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