Special Performance of Hank Whittemore’s One-Man Show “Shake-speare’s Treason” set for Videotaping with Live Audience on June 1st at the Hudson House in Nyack

Scan TREASON flyer _3 This One

The show is based on Hank’s book The Monument — a complete edition of the Sonnets — and dramatizes the “living record” that the author intended to preserve within this “monument” of verse for posterity.


Check out “The Monument” website and also a site that was originally put up in for the show, which Hank performed more recently at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY.

Performed at venues across the U.S. and in England at Shakespeare’s Globe and Cambridge University.

“A ripping tale of murder, treason, hangings, bastardy, love, betrayal and danger … and one of those Big Thoughts that, if you embrace it, seems to clear up a lot of mystery.” – Bill Varble, The Mail Tribune, Medford Oregon (where Hank performed the show on the campus of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival)


“I don’t quite know how to articulate just how inspiring your presentation was. You altered my whole perception of Shakespeare … It’s such a wonderful puzzle that challenges not only how we approach Shakespeare’s work, but theatre and history in general … You reminded us of just how important it is to consider the whole picture … The story you told onstage captivated me till the very end, at which I stood up immediately to honor your remarkable performance.” – Excerpts of letters from students at Flathead Valley Community College, Kalispell, Montana

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