The Signatures of Shaksper and Shakespeare

William Shaksper of Stratford upon Avon left behind six signatures.  Apparently, but not certainly, all are his.  This is the extent of his known writings:


(See below for more information about the Shaksper signatures.)

The true Shakespeare, Edward, Earl of Oxford, left behind a few different forms of signature.   He used a “crown” signature from November 1569 until the funeral of Queen Elizabeth on April 28, 1603, when the Tudor dynasty ended.

oxfod crown signature


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  1. Hi Hank,

    thank your for the proof 🙂

  2. Is there any proof that link the man of Stratford to this signatures?

    • See revised blog, Francisco.

    • Hi Hank and Francisco. Thanks so much for the links in the last post. Lots of food for thought. I thought the two of you might enjoy this flash fiction I just wrote where I had a little fun with the authorship question:

      • As I told before by own experience, a poet can imitate styles but can’t imitate one’s versification. And I can tell you is a little suspect to this Oxford and Shakespeare wrote this sonnet. But please, tell me more about it and maybe something can make me think more…

      • Which sonnet?

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Wise of you to be suspicious of the sonnet, Francisco. It’s really two fiction pieces together, a story followed by a sonnet. The first is a satire of 2 Stratfordians and below that is the sonnet I wrote as ‘backstory’. It’s supposed to be a Shakespearean style sonnet written by Oxford. Think of it as Oxfordian fan fiction with a little dig at the Stratfordians at the same time.

        That’s why I wrote: However due to this sonnet’s many imperfections of meter and rhyme most authorities now believe a lesser poet wrote the poem. Some even suspect that I may have had something to do with it…And yes, I am an Oxfordian having a little fun with the authorship question.”


  3. For one of the best essays EVER on the signatures, read Robert Detobel here. Robert also discovered the complete stay on Merchant of Venice by order of the Lord Chamberlain (not the (sic) author), which was the usual case. This was VERy close to a smoking gun. The room in Oregon got VERy hushed when it was first presented. I roomed with him that weekend.

  4. Francisco, you should start a blog of your own.

    • Lys, I already have one by my own. But it’s in portuguese… thanks, anyway :D!

      • haha! gosh, too bad I don’t know portuguese… jkjk

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