New Ebook from Keir Cutler: “The Shakespeare Authorship Question: A Crackpot’s View”

Three cheers for Keir Cutler and his new ebook!  Here’s the description in his own words on Amazon, where it can be ordered on Kindle:

keir-cutlerI am a “crackpot.” More accurately, I have a “psychological aberration.” I am also “ignorant,” “a snob” and “a publicity hound.” I “have a poor sense of logic,” “refuse to accept evidence” and am “certifiably mad.”

Who calls me (and people like me) by those terms? The Shakespeare Birth Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Why? Because I do NOT believe the man from Stratford wrote the famous plays and poems. And even crazier, I also contend that to many teachers and professors, Shakespeare has become a religion, and most schools would no more question Shakespeare’s authorship than the Vatican would question Jesus Christ’s divinity.
There exists an impressive army of “crackpots” who doubt the traditional story of Shakespeare: Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Orson Welles, John Gielgud, Derek Jacobi, Michael York, Vanessa Redgrave, Jeremy Irons, Mark Rylance, former U.S. Supreme Court Justices John Paul Stevens and Sandra Day O’Connor, and the great writer and critic Henry James, who wrote: “I am haunted by the conviction that the divine William is the biggest and most successful fraud!”

Are people who doubt Shakespeare crackpots, or is it just that most of the world hasn’t yet caught up with the truth we are imparting? Decide for yourself.
“The Shakespeare Authorship Question: A Crackpot’s View” is a quick, fun read that will leave you wondering why schools, and colleges aren’t teaching both sides of the story…

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  1. Well, then count me as one of the college professors who is openly a crackpot (no revelation to most of my peers)! My Shakespeare class has become a think-tank on questioning the man from Stratford and the likelihood of De Vere’s hand (literally) in the creation of the greatest works in the english language. Thanks, Hank. I can’t wait to read Mr. Cutler’s new book!

  2. Nice one, Hank. I’m no academic with just a secondary modern school education! I’m just a minor pleb on the grand scale of things. Please grant me membership to the “Crackpot Club!

    Jim Foley

    • Welcome aboard, Jim! Good to hear from you – Hank

  3. I must be a certified “crackpot” too…count me in!
    Looking forward to reading the book!

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