A Note on the “100 Reasons” — Having Reached No. 60, We’ve Got Just 40 More to Go…

Yes, we have reached No. 60 of the 100 reasons why the Earl of Oxford was Shakespeare.  When the series was launched as part of this blog, I thought it would be a snap – you know, write a paragraph for each “reason” and the whole thing would go quickly.


Well, it turns out that each “reason” has given me an opportunity to revisit the research and, quite often, to find new aspects of the case for Edward de Vere’s authorship.  And the individual posts have run an average of a thousand words apiece, often much longer and in two or three parts.

Thanks to all who have posted comments along the way!

The first “reason” of the series was published back on February 23, 2011, nearly two year ago!

However long it will it take to complete the next forty, I know I’ll continue to enjoy the process.

And I hope you enjoy it, too.

“Vero Nihil Verius” — Nothing Truer than Truth!

(I should add that with this post Hank Whittemore’s Shakespeare Blog has reached 300 posts overall.)

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  1. I love your posts for “1OO Reasons”, Hank! I have saved every one of them and refer to them often! Keep up the great work and greater [re]search for the Truth!!!

    • Thanks, Chris!

  2. Hank, I enjoy your reasons, your Monument, keep up good work! It’s a kind of detective story of Colombo: we already know who did it, just don’t exactly know why and how – and how to prove it 🙂

    • Glad you enjoy ’em, Sandy!

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