What’s in a Name? Authorship Quote of the Day from the New York Times


From the New York Times of today, February 23, 2012:

"Kate Alcott" is a pen name used by novelist Patricia O'Brien

The author Patricia O’Brien could not get publishers to accept her new novel The Dressmaker because her previous book had not sold well.  So she and her agent Esther Newberg “cannily circumvented what many authors see as a modern publishing scourge” – the ability to track book sales – “with a centuries-old trick, the nom de plume.  It has been employed by writers from Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) to Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot) to Stephen King (Richard Bachman).”

A Note to the Times: You forgot one – the author of “Hamlet”!

P.S. – Ms. O’Brien, under the pen name Kate Alcott, sold her novel to Doubleday in three days.

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