Panel to Discuss Shakespeare, Oxford & “Anonymous”

I’m looking forward to being part of a panel tomorrow (Oct 22) after a showing of Roland Emmerich’s movie ANONYMOUS sponsored by the Media Educators Association.

The group consists of teachers, administrators, librarians, etc., who meet each Saturday morning at the Chelsea 9 Theater in New York City for advance screenings of films for evaluation and discussion.

Chelsea 9 Theater in New York

Director of the group is John T. Yurko, chairman of the Communications Arts Department at Caldwell College in New Jersey.

Also on the panel will be two Caldwell colleagues: Dr. Mary Lindroth, Professor of English, and Dr. Ben Lammers, Professor of History and Political Science.

I’ll be bringing some Oxfordian notes, which I’ll share on this blog soon afterward, along with a report on our discussion.  Meanwhile I want to thank the group in advance for inviting me.

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  1. Looking forward to a summary of this event!


  2. I’ve seen panel discussions on this. Hope yours goes well, will have to post what was discussed and decided!

  3. Oh, here was a link to the panel’s I had watched:
    Will Emmerich be there?

    • Thank you. I’ll be posting on the panel some time Monday. All went well!

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