Introducing a New Book on Shakespearean Authorship and the Earl of Oxford — “Four Essays” by Mike A’Dair

News Bulletin: A new edition is being printed and will be available in mid-August.   I hope anyone ordering the book is aware of this. -Hank, as of July 5, 2011.

I’d like to introduce you to a new book entitled FOUR ESSAYS ON THE SHAKESPEARE AUTHORSHIP QUESTION by Mike A’Dair of Willits, California – journalist, scholar, poet, playwright, organic gardener and incisive thinker on the matter of Shakespearean authorship and Oxfordian biography.

In ninety pages Mike does a great job of setting forth the facts and hypotheses in clear, succinct language that kept me reading straight through.  He gives his views on the issues involved (the most controversial ones included) without apology.

“These four essays are offered as an introduction to the Shakespeare Authorship Question,” Mike writes.  “They are a distillation of the many works that I have read since 2003, and are intended for the general reader.”

First he offers 34 reasons why William Shakspere of Stratford could not have written the Shakespeare works; in the second essay, he offers 40 reasons why Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford, was Shakespeare *; and in the final two essays, he delves into the most dangerous territory, i.e., the theories that Oxford was both the son of Queen Elizabeth and the father of her intended heir, Henry Wriothesley, third Earl of Southampton, for whom the Sonnets were written and compiled.

The book offers a coherent explanation for “why the identity of the man behind the Shakespearean mask was suppressed for more than three centuries.”

"Four Essays on the Shakespeare Authorship Question" by Mike A'Dair

You can buy Four Essays directly for $10.00 plus overhead, or a total of $15.00, which can be sent by check to:

Mike A’Dair

3631 Chinquapin Drive

Willits, CA 95490

* Mike’s list of 40 reasons is completely separate from my 100 reasons here on this blog; any overlap will be unintended, but, I should think, also not unwelcome.

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