Contesting Shapiro — !

Just a reminder that James Shapiro’s book about the Shakespeare authorship debate — Contesting Will — is scheduled to be published by the spring of next year and that we’re looking forward to it.  In fact, we’re going to make Jim’s book a bestseller, if we can!  We’re going to make 2010 The Year of the Shakespeare Authorship Crisis – Resolved! — and we’ll show how each and every argument for the traditional Will is based on sheer irrational belief — a kind of religious belief, you might say!   And we’ll show how Edward de Vere Earl of Oxford takes his place at last. 

I know, we Oxfordians are called snobs, conspiracy nuts; we can’t seem to realize that “we have the plays, so what does it matter” and so on … yes, yes, we know, and we’re waiting to reply point by point and win the day!  Next year will be the time when the Tipping Point for the Shakespeare Authorship Debate is reached.  I predict victory for us at last.  Stay tuned here for updates, folks, as we gear up for the great battle to come!

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