“Shake-Speare’s Treason” in Concord MA – Aug. 1st

We’ll be presenting the one-man show Shake-speare’s Treason at the upcoming Third Annual Concord Shakespeare Festival at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31st at the Masonic Temple in Monument Square, Concord, MA.

Script Cover of "Shake-speare's Treason"

Script Cover of "Shake-speare's Treason"

This year the festival is called Much Ado About Shakespeare; it begins on Friday evening at the Concord Free Public Library and continues at the Temple on Saturday and Sunday.

The festival is “Celebrating the 400th Anniverary of the Publication of the Sonnets.”  The solo show, co-written with Ted Story (who directed me in it), dramatizes the recorded “story” of the Sonnets as set forth in my edition The Monument (2005) — which, after a new perception of the language and structure of the Sonnets came into view, took six years to write in order to fully demonstrate this “macro solution” to the longstanding puzzle of the 154 numbered verses published in 1609.

(PS – More than likely the quarto edition was “suppressed” before going “underground” for more than a century; there was no second edition; it re-appeared in the same form in 1711.)

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