Volume I: “Building the Case for Edward de Vere as Shakespeare” – Contents

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents for Volume 1 of the first five volumes of BUILDING THE CASE FOR EDWARD DE VERE AS SHAKESPEARE: A Series of Volumes Devoted to Shakespeare Authorship Research

– Series Editors: Paul Hemenway Altrocchi & Hank Whittemore

iUniverse, 2009

After Unmasking the Fraudulent Pretender,
Search for the True Genius Begins



Part 1: Growing Disbelief in The Stratford Man as Shakespeare

2. Elsie Greenwood: Obituary of G. G. Greenwood (1859-1928)
3. George Greenwood, 1916: Is There a Shakespeare Problem?
4. George Greenwood, 1916: Professor Dryasdust and “Genius”
5. George Greenwood, 1916: The Portraits of Shakespeare
6. George Greenwood, 1916: Shakespeare as a Lawyer
7. George Greenwood, 1921: Ben Jonson and Shakespeare
8. George Greenwood, 1925: The Stratford Bust and the Droeshout

Part 2: The Breadth of Shakespeare’s Knowledge

2. James Harting, 1864: Ornithology of Shakespeare
3. Archibald Geikie, 1916: The Birds of Shakespeare
4. William Theobald, 1909: The Classical Element in the Shakespeare Plays
5. Cumberland Clark, 1922: Astronomy in the Poets
6. St. Clair Thomson, 1916: Shakespeare and Medicine
7. Eva Turner Clark, 1931: Singleton’s The Shakespeare Garden
8. C. Clark, 1929: Shakespeare and Science, including Astronomy
9. Richard Noble, 1935: Shakespeare’s Biblical Knowledge

Part 3: The Case for Francis Bacon

2. H. Crouch Batchelor, 1912: Advice to English Schoolboys
3. Georges Connes, 1927: The Shakespeare Mystery
4. J. Churton Collins, 1904: Studies in Shakespeare
5. Roderick Eagle, 1930: Shakespeare, New Views for Old
6. Harold Bayley, 1902: The Tragedy of Sir Francis Bacon
7. George Bompas, 1902: The Problem of Shakespeare Plays
8. Elizabeth Wells Gallup, 1910: The Bi-lateral Cypher of Sir Francis Bacon
9. John H. Stotsenburg, 1904: An Impartial Study of the Shakespeare Title
10. Granville Cuningham, 1911: Bacon’s Secret Disclosed in Contemporary Books
11. Gilbert Slater, 1931: Seven Shakespeares

Part 4:  Edward deVere Bursts Out of Anonymity

2. V. A. Demant, 1962: Obituary of J. Thomas Looney
3. J. Thomas Looney, 1920: “Shakespeare” Identified in Edward de Vere, the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford

Part 5:  A Sudden Eruption of Oxfordian Giants

2. Marjorie Bowen, 1933: Introduction to Percy Allen’s The Plays of Shakespeare and Chapman in Relation to French History
3. Obituary of Hubert Henry Holland (1873-1957)
4. Hubert H. Holland, 1923: Shakespeare Through Oxford Glasses
5. Phyllis Carrington, 1962: Obituary of Bernard Rowland Ward (1863-1933)
6. Colonel B. R. Ward, 1923: The Mystery of Mr. W. H
7. Obituary of Bernard Mordaunt Ward (1893-1943)
8. B. M. Ward, 1928: The Seventeenth Earl of Oxford
9. Obituary of Mrs. Eva Turner Clark (1871-1947)
10. Eva Turner Clark, 1931: Hidden Allusions in Shakespeare’s Plays
11. Rev. Gerald Rendall, 1930: Shakespeare Sonnets
12. T. L. Adamson, 1959: Obituary of Percy Allen (1875-1959)
13. Percy Allen, 1933: The Plays of Shakespeare and Chapman in Relation to French History
14. Percy AlIen, 1930: The Case for Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford as “Shakespeare”
15. Percy Allen, 1931: The Oxford-Shakespeare Case Corroborated
16. F. Lingard Ranson, 1940: Death of Ernest Allen (1875-1940)
17. Percy Allen and Ernest Allen, 1933: Lord Oxford and “Shakespeare”: A Reply to John Drinkwater



One of the newly published volumes of "Building the Case for Edward de Vere as Shakespeare"

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  1. Hank, how much do the 5 volumes cost and where can they be purchased?


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