“Shake-Speare’s Treason” in the News

Bill Varble of the Mail Tribune gave us a fine notice after attending the performance of SHAKE-SPEARE’S TREASON on Monday 20 April at Carpenter Hall on the campus of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival:

“New York actor-writer Hank Whittemore presented “Shake-speare’s Treason,” an Oxfordian interpretation of the sonnets, Monday night at Carpenter Hall. His story is that the sonnets, those exquisite little mysteries, fall into place if you read them as being written by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, to Henry Wriothesley, the third Earl of Southampton, and Queen Elizabeth.

“Whittemore argues that Oxford not only wrote the plays of Shakespeare, a claim most literary experts reject, but that Southampton is the “fair youth” and Elizabeth the “dark lady” of the sonnets, and Southampton de Vere’s son by Elizabeth. Which is why the sonnets were suppressed when they were published in 1609. Stifle that dismissive chuckle and check it out in “The Monument,” a 900-page analysis (see shakespearesmonument.com or Amazon.com).”

Here’s a You Tube clip from Hank’s recent performance of the show in Winchester MA to raise funds for Cheryl Eagan Donovan’s new documentary Nothing is Truer than Truth on Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford as “Shakespeare”:

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