The Cobbe Shakespeare-Portrait-Ponzi Scheme

Folks, it appears that Mark Anderson, author of SHAKESPEARE BY ANOTHER NAME, is taking the lead in showing that the latest “discovery” of a Shakespeare portrait is not — NOT — the real thing.  (It can’t be, since the man Shakspere of Stratford wasn’t the Bard in the first place.)  The thing that’s got me going is that the man who made this once-in-a-lifetime discovery, Alec Cobbe, is the very same fellow who, in 2002, made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery of an alleged early portrait of Henry Wriothesley Third Earl of Southampton.

Now, two of these discoveries in one lifetime is just one too many.  This stinks!  But it’s great for those of us who are in the anti-Stratfordian camp, because when it finally crashes and burns, the desperation of the traditional, orthodox folks — Stanley Wells, at the front of the line — will be further exposed.

(By the way, this time they’re making Shakspere an aristocrat!  In a few years, god wot, he’ll be an earl!)

So take a look over at Mark’s blogsite and watch him go after this fraud and pin it to the wall for all to see:

Mark Anderson’s Blog

Happy hunting, Mark!

And cheers from Hank

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