Mark Anderson’s book is a literary biography….of course!

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  1. Anderson’s book does not please me.

    “This Star of England” by Dorothy and Charlton Ogburn in 1952 and

    “The mistery of William Shakespeare”, by Charlton Ogburn

    are the main melodies in this song, to which

    “The Monument” is the great Coda.

    • I agree. The senior Ogburns and Charlton Jr. were all open-minded folks with open hearts. One needs these attributes in order to get through, or over, the traditional barriers. One of the worst fears, along with others, is the fear of looking stupid and being shunned by the crowd. Charlton Jr. was appalled by the treatment that he parents received (from the 1950’s onward), especially from their Oxfordian colleagues, over their view that Oxford and Elizabeth were the parents of an unacknowledged royal son (and heir to the throne) who was raised as Henry Wriothesley Lord Southampton. He was appalled, so in “The Mysterious William Shakespeare” (1984) he decided to “take no position”on the matter; but then he could no longer stop himself from speaking the truth, as he saw it, and damn the torpedoes. So in 1995 he published a little booklet “The Man Who Was Shakespeare” in which he wrote:

      “We are left with a compelling question raised by the Sonnets. It is a question that is inescapable and one that traditional scholarship is resolved upon escaping at all costs. How is it that the poet of the Sonnets can – as he unmistakably does – address the Fair Youth as an adoring and deeply concerned father would address his son and as a subject would his liege-lord?”

      If we get this answer wrong we’ll get Shakespeare wrong.

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