And Now those Links…

Our first post on this blog, several hours ago, included links that failed to link; so here we go again, this time, we hope, inserted correctly:

SHAKE-SPEARE’S TREASONThe True Story of King Henry IX, Last of the Tudors: by Hank Whittemore and Ted Story, our one-man show presenting the story preserved in the Sonnets for posterity.

THE MONUMENTShake-Speare’s Sonnets by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, my 900-page edition that reveals the structure, language and story of the 154 consecutively numbered verses.


CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY – Portland, Oregon – where Dr. Daniel Wright hosts the Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference each April and heads up the new Shakespeare Research Study Centre.

BRUNEL UNIVERSITY – London – the home of a new Shakespeare Authorship Studies MA program headed by Dr. William Leahy.

SHAKESPEARE BY ANOTHER NAME – The literary autobiography of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, who adopted the “Shakespeare” pen name, by Mark Anderson

Maybe the above links will actually link this time.  If not, we’ll keep trying.  Meanwhile there are many more websites to be listed on this blog as we go along.  Already it should be clear that the authorship question surrounding Shakespeare is serious.  But guess what – the matter will be taken up and settled, we predict, not by the Literature and Drama departments but by the History Department!  Why?  Because the folks committed to finding true history don’t have so much at stake that will prevent them from puncturing the Shakespeare-of-Stratford legend.  They will be the ones to accept the true history and put the record straight.  And we mean to help them get on with it.

Cheers from Hank

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